Monday, July 6, 2009

New Goal!

Elena has her sights set on Six Flags! Joel and I have told her that if she weighs 45 pounds, then she can go to Six Flags. This is very excited for her b/c she has been begging us to take her to a REAL roller coaster.

Our little timid girl is now a VERY brave 5 year old. She decided to start swimming and diving this summer (last year she would scream if you asked her to blow bubbles in the water), she is jumping over waves at the beach (last year she left scars on our arms from the scratches she left trying to scamper up our bodies out of the moving water), she smiles at the dentist while he fills a cavity (last year she cried when the dentist said her name), and NOW she wants to ride roller coasters (last year I took her on a small kiddie coaster and she cried for an hour). Marked improvement in just one year!

Join us in praying for Elena's weight gain. Weight gain for Elena means that her health is much more means that her lung function remains means that she fights off illness MUCH means that she continues to grow strong...which means that her life expectancy continues to grow as well!

Go Elena! We are all praying for you and your continued good health!

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  1. Oh Boy! Six Flags will be so much fun and that is a great goal! I'd love to help watch the kids!


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