Monday, May 18, 2015

This Post is Brought to You by the Letter "E"

E is for:
Example: she leads by example with her siblings and all who she come in contact with.
Explorer: She is the first to create or join in an adventure.

Energetic: She can make the little things exciting! (oh, there is another E word!)
Extraordinary:  Give her a little idea and she will RUN with it and it will be completed in a way that makes you go...WOW!
Elaborate: NOTHING is simple with this one.  Her stories, plays, skits, shows, explanations...all are EXTREMELY Elaborate and we love it. (unless we are in a hurry, then we ask for the condensed version)
Elegant:  All she does is with grace and style.  I hope to be like her when I "grow up". 
Emotional: Things are super tough for her sometimes.  However, she can handle the difficult times with ease.  Usually, she handles her health difficulties much better than her mama and I'm ok with that!
Eccentric: Theater and Acting is her JAM!

Efficient: We are a homeschool family on the go a lot and she does her best to be compliant in her treatments.
Exuberant:  She will use her positive "force"
on you when you are near her.  Watch out!

 Edgy: She wanted a pet tarantula so she could have her own pet that people would think was weird...she met both goals on this one.

Extreme: She will ride roller coasters one after the other until her Mom's face is purple and Mom is saying "Uncle."

 Extraordinary:  She teaches her self more than I could ever teach her.  Life experience has matured her so much and she is only 11!  She graduated from Elementary school this year...middle school... really?!? 
Effervescent:  She is spirited, bubbly,  and full of the essence of life on so many levels.
Empty is what my life is NOT with Elena,
the three little E's, and my husband around;
EVEN with the hardships of Cystic Fibrosis.
There are many reasons why we
walk, run, volunteer, donate, fight, persist...
to End Cystic Fibrosis and make it stand for Cure Found so Elena's Exemplary life can go on and on till she is a 100 plus!
There is still time to donate towards our team at:

Monday, May 4, 2015

On your mark, get set, cure CF!

Rain storms are apparently our kryptonite! We were rained out of our kids race on April 25th for Rosebuds.  However, we made sure to run as soon as the rain stopped. 

Cystic Fibrosis can be an overwhelming disease for the patient and their family.  Everyday isn't difficult, but there are many moments during the day that can crush a parent.  We are fortunate that our daughter, Elena, is a champ with her medicines (the whole cabinet full of them).  She is compliant with her treatments (All 1 and 1/2 hours of them).  "Can't" is not a word in her vocabulary.  She views herself as pretty, smart, and confident.  That is what you want in life for your child. Elena has all the support she needs because of the many amazing people in her life. Thank you for being a part of that!

Here are our Rosebuds running today during the brief sunshine!
On your Mark, get set,
Short legs unite!
And the winner is...
 We have encouraged all our team members to run when they can and share pictures.
Here are some of our other Rosebud CF Superheroes running their own virtual race.

Our top fundraisers were the Johnston's Crew pictured above and the Goodrow Gang! 
Way to go Rosebuds!
A special award went out to our top and most consistent supporters every year since the first Rosebuds race five years ago.  Thank you to the Goodrow Gang's Nana and Papa for being a huge support in so many ways!  Hope you enjoy our Miles for CF super soft and amazingly cozy team hoodies!
So far the Rosebuds have raised $2.925!  Want to help us break $3,000?  Donate here:

That brings the overall total of fundraised dollars by Rosebuds CF Superheroes since 2010 up to $69,725.05!!! 

Thank you to all who support our family and our cause to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Our hearts are full to the brim because of your kindness and generosity!

For our daughter Elena and all her CF friends, we say THANK YOU!

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