Friday, April 24, 2015

Raining...I mean Running..we HOPE!

The Rosebuds CF Superheroes will be raining...I mean running this weekend! (Please don't rain). 

 11 years ago at this time we held our little gray baby that we thought was slowly slipping away from us because of Cystic Fibrosis. She had already undergone 3 surgeries and was having severe complications. Her kidneys were shutting down, a lung collapsed, her breathing was labored, her intestines were still blocked, and we were numb because if we were not, we would have been unable to stop tears.
Here we are 11 years later and her lung function is up higher than it has been in over 2 years!!!!! Donated dollars get us closer to cure for CF. Please consider donating towards our family goal; helping us be a kryptonite to CF! We are $415 away from our $1000 goal! Thank you friends and family for being there in your words, hugs, thoughts, and donations. I'm continuously humbled by the support that comes in ALL sorts of ways.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

One week!

One week until Rosebuds race day!  We are getting closer to changing lives of those with Cystic Fibrosis and their families "one mile at a time". 
Elena enjoyed being totally in charge of her Rosebuds table. She sold 9 pairs of her homemade earrings of which profits go towards her CF fundraising efforts at a local race yesterday.

Elena is so brave, strong, inspiring, and energizing!
I am a proud parent as I see how Elena lives her life selflessly. She is being an excellent example for her 3 younger siblings of how to give of themselves to help others using their talents. As if Elena does not do enough for others, she is now taking on a new project to help others. She is working on her plan so I will wait until she finishes it to share with all of you. Let's just say, she is a Superhero for many reasons.
My greatest reward as a mom is seeing my kids show so much love and understanding to others. They are doing good in this world and changing lives not because they feel they have to or because Mom made them, but because they WANT to. 
We will be a part of finding a cure for CF so this big girl can continue to be the awesome big sister that she is.
Join our cause:
Our next race is April 25th in Lawrenceville at the Gwinnett Braves Stadium for ages 14 and younger. Distance is 1.2 miles and the cost is only $5!

Join us in "beating CF one mile at a time."

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Sea of CF Superstars!

Tonight was a wonderful date night with my oldest boy, Ethan. It began with his selection of my dress, jewelry, jacket, shoes, and even an additional spray of hot pink color on a section of my hair! Then I had specific directions on how to stand and what my face should be doing for our pre-date picture. My little handsome date was wearing his new tux. The kid looked sharp in his tux and Mickey Mouse Converse kicks. Lesson I learned from this; I am no longer in charge of my clothing choices. Ever.
It was a special night. We went to celebrate all the volunteers that do so much to help the Atlanta chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation be the amazing success that it is.  We were in a room filled with a sea of CF super stars!  It was like walking amongst celebrities. I knew all their names as well as the wonderful things they have done to provide funds that are pushing superfantastic new drugs down the pipeline that will help our Elena and many others like her!  Now I had finally bumped shoulders and shaken the hands of these amazing folks plus hugged many long time friends in my fabulous CF family!

My parents were among the rewarded.  Since Elena's birth and diagnosis, my parents have gone above and beyond to make things happen in the CF community.  To listen to the presentation for each volunteer and see my parents among the greatest of the great was an honor. Did I cry? You betcha! Ask my dear friends and they will tell you I can't make it through a CF event without many a tear shed.

Ethan is the next generation of CF support for people like his big sister Elena.  He knows it, too. 
While on the car ride home, Ethan was planning his first invention. The conversation went like this:
"It is going to be a broom like Harry Potter that flies for real. However, I should be the one to test it. Em and EV are too small, You are too heavy (thanks for that kiddo), and Elena already has CF and I don't want her to also have to deal with a broken bone or something. But until I can do that, I think I'll do a parody to a Bruno Mars song in my new tux. I'll sing about Cystic Fibrosis for my sister. It will be funny because I look like Bruno Mars and I dance good."

Yes, Ethan, if will be funny. Yes, you dance very well. Yes, you will make a difference in this world because you want to help other people.

Wow, I've got my own little sea of CF Super Stars in my home, with my parents, and among my friends.

Want to join the sea with me?

Register your child 14yrs and younger to run a FREE race on April 25th here:

Register yourself for a 10k on Labor Day here:

Join us in the sea of CF super stars. It feels good; really good.

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