Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CF Appt. Follow Up

Elena had her follow up appointment with Dr. McKean yesterday. Her lung function jumped back up to near normal! Wa-hoo-whheeeeee! We are awaiting the results of her pseudomonas test. If she tests positive, then we will be adding in a new nebulizer drug to her routine so the pseudomonas can't continue to do damage to her lungs...and if treated aggressively we could get rid of the pseudomonas all together (which we have done once before when she was under a year old).

For now, we are not scheduled back until November 23rd. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. God continues to work through each one of our fabulous friends (and of course our devoted family!)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What? Check again...and again..and again?

Elena gained SIX pounds since her last visit 3 months ago AND grew 4 inches!!!!! It was such a drastic change that the CF staff weighed her 3 more times! Hallelujah!
However, the not so great news is that her lung function has dropped down quite a bit. Dr. McKean felt that it was probably related to the cough that won't go away. We are starting her on antibiotics and increasing her nebulizer meds for the next two weeks.

We will go in for a follow up visit at that time to see if we need to get more aggressive in treatment by adding the super duper CF nebulizer antibiotic (TOBI) back into her routine. Elena was on an inhaled antibiotic in the hospital in December and then only one other time before that when she was a baby. She has been very fortunate that it has not become part of her regular care. Our pocket books are just as thankful ;)

For the next two weeks we are going to keep coming at this yucky cough until we can shake it for good!

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of First Grade!

Today was Elena's first day of first grade. She was more than excited to start up homeschool again this year. I gave her the choice to start today or next Monday. She insisted we start today!
I have posted a video of Elena leaving for school. Also, there are a few pictures and a video of our super hero cape dance party that followed dinner. Always crazy fun around here!

Tomorrow Elena has her CF Dr. visit. We are excited to let Dr. McKean know that Elena now weighs 53 POUNDS!!!!!! Her weight has shot up a ton this summer. We are all so thrilled that weight has been less of a problem for Elena this year. Having the extra weight will help keep her lungs healthy. Strange? Yes, I know. But when the rest of her body is healthy, her lungs do not have to work so hard to fight off infections.

We are also anxious to see what else we can do for Elena's recent cold that won't leave. I will post after her appointment tomorrow night.

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