Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Bottom" Issues

Elena has been struggling with an ouchy bottom, many "oopsies-poopsies", and extra oil/ fat not quite making it into the "storage facility" in her body. We think we might be at a plateau in her weight gain because it is time for an increase in her enzymes. Usually, enzymes are increased according to weight gain. Elena has had no gain. However, she has been consuming more calories within the last month thanks to her Mom's ever-more creative cooking.

Would anyone like some fat with a side of fat?

We look forward to seeing what changes will be made in her enzyme consumption as well as what this will do for her lack of weight gain.

Time will tell! Thanks again for the prayers and words of encouragement. Those rough days are a little easier when we reflect on the kindness of our friends and the grace of God!


  1. Who can relate to the Goodrow Gang and their "butt problems"???? The Royal Family with their butt problems of course!

    Keep up the good work Supermom and keep eating Elena.

  2. I second that! Keep up the good work, Julie! I would give Elena some of my fat if I could!

  3. I am with Anne. Wish I give give her what I have been losing. Keep up the good work and know your family is in our daily prayers.


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