Friday, October 30, 2009

Change is good...VERY good!

Camping with Daddy....trying to catch a view of the Sunrise with Mommy.
Elena had a follow up appointment today with Dr. McKean. The results of all the changes have been better than we expected!

As many of you know, "Poop" is a popular topic of conversation in our home. When Elena has "sinkers" we all run (including Ethan) to the toilet to have a look and do a celebration dance. Sinkers have been so uncommon for her. Elena has also had yellow stool over the last 5 years, a sign of malabsorbtion. For the first time since birth, Elena has had BROWN sinkers without any excess oil! Not ONLY that but she is pooping far less now than usual. I know this may be TMI for many, but this is WAY exciting news. A sign that the new enzymes and added Nexium are working!!!!!!

The office noted a one pound weight gain. This is also another sign that the enzyme switch is doing it's job.

Other completely awesome news: Elena did PFT's (Pulmonary Function Tests) to see what the status of her lung function is. Dr. McKean explained that the percent average for children her age with CF is 93-94%. Elena's was 116%! Needless to say, the Dr. and I were quite pleased with this fairly uncommon high result for her age at this stage in her life.

Elena has been a different child since the change in her meds. She has more energy (which we didn't think was possible). She is eating on her own without constant poking and prodding from us. She is ASKING for snacks and begging for larger portions!!!!!! Really, we ask...who is this child? It is completely awesome!

I was so stunned with all the good news and positive results that I wasn't sure what to think as I left the Dr. Office. We feel so blessed with good fortune in our lives and this is yet another thing to give abundant thanks to God for!


  1. SO happy for all of you! As they say.."If something isn't working, change it." I'm am so glad Elena is more comfortable, gaining weight and maintaining amazing lung function. It doesn't get much better than that! Doesn't it feel good to have all your hard work pay off...especially when the end result is a happier, healthier kiddo=)

  2. This post makes my heart happy! Yay for all the good news. Keep on "sinking" them Elena!


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