Thursday, December 17, 2009

A diagnosis...maybe?

We have a possible diagnosis! Looks like Elena has a staph infection in her lungs. This is the best possible scenerio b/c it causes little to no damage on her lungs. We are so grateful for knowing. It will be confirmed tomorrow morning. If the results are positive, then we are going home tomorrow...maybe Saturday. We are cautiously excited.


  1. Sweet Little Princess Elena,
    I know the day will come soon that you will be strong and well. Your Papa is so proud of you. I still have my beautiful rose that you gave me. Take care and come see me real soon. Much love, Pam

  2. Caroline has had Staph Aureous (Sp?) the last 2 cultures but so far she doesn't have any symptoms. The hospital looks so "kid friendly." It looks like they do a good job to keeping spirits up! I hope your results come back with good news and that you are home for the holidays.


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