Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good reports...and a Christmas Musical

Elena had her CF appointment. Daddy took the day off to help Elena get ready for having her blood taken. This is NEVER an easy thing for her. After 2 hours of practice and loads of tears, Daddy took her to her appointment. Dr. McKean told Elena that she could scream as loud as she wanted, but she couldn't move when it was time to take her blood. She didn't move and she DID scream. Dr. McKean said that she was the best screamer they had ever had in his office. He actually looked kind of shocked at how loud she can be. We DID warn the office before we came.
The rest of the appointment was full of good news; weight gain and improved lung function, RIGHT ON! Praise God!

Lastly, if you have kids...they may enjoy watching this 18 minute musical Elena was in called Scrooge in Bethlehem. She is the pink Shepherd...pink...of course!

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