Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whoa! Weight Gain!!!!

Elena has eclipsed 60 pounds! We are so happy with her health and weight gain, it fills our hearts!

We had a party when she weighed 40 pounds (Chuck E. Cheese), a party for 50 pounds (Six Flags with Mommy), and for 60 pounds Joel suggested that he take her to France. She said, "Nooooo, not Paris! Let's do Chuck E. Cheese again!"


So, yesterday Joel and I took Elena and her two siblings to Chuck E. Cheese. After Joel and I being out of town for 9 days, this was a nice way to have fun family time AND celebrate another weight gain milestone for our growing daughter, Elena.

When I look across the blog, I notice that there are very few entries. Many may think this is because I'm busy raising 3 little ones and making one new little one. Although this could easily be true, that is not the case. Really, I have not had a need to update except with good news every once in awhile. What a GREAT blessing! Joel and I feel so much joy for Elena's continued good health and excellent growing! Praise God!

Also, here is the video promoting Elena's upcoming race on March 19th! Kids Helping Kids with Cystic Fibrosis...she wanted to create this team, and it started up last year. Way to go Elena!

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