Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ABPA blood test we just wait for results

Elena did great with her blood draw today. She screamed as she was told she could. Everett was sleeping and didn't wake up. Ethan kept saying, "Why is she screaming?" Emily looked like she might cry herself. They were all in the room with Elena for the big event. As soon as it was done, Ethan and Emily gave Elena a big hug and Ethan said, "You so brave Elena."
We will not have results of the ABPA test back for two weeks. Meanwhile, Elena will be treated for aspergillus for three months. If the bloodwork comes back positive for ABPA, then she will also take a steriod to help clear that up.

Meanwhile, Elena still shows no signs of ABPA. Thanks for all the offers to watch the kids while we went to the Doctor today. I got 15 offers to watch Ethan and Emily! It feels good to have such an awesome support system amongst our friends and family.

This picture is handy work by Ethan. How is it that a 2 and 3 year old are better with an iPhone than their Grandpa? ;)

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