Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lung Function Improving!

Why is it that everytime I go to type "lung" I type "lunch" instead? Must be hungry or the thought of getting food in Elena never leaves my mind. Could easily be either!

Elena's visit to Dr. McKean for her Cystic Fibrosis wellness follow-up went better than expected! Elena has had a runny nose this week and the end of last week. She has been totally herself thru it all, but we have learned that even when she is acting normal, her insides can be going haywire. SO, we were surprised to have Dr. McKean tell us that her lunch...I mean LUNG function is the best it has ever been and that it improves with each visit. WAAAA-HOOOOOOOOO! Joel and I feel that her weight gain has been helping her overall health. She is actually a little chubby in areas! This makes us so happy. I have never been more happy to have to say, "Sorry, seconds tonight." We N E V E R thought we would have that problem. We prayed for this day and God brought it!

The cold Elena has could be an infection. We will have results from her culture on Friday.

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