Monday, December 19, 2011

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree...

(taken at my parents for our BFG Pretend Christmas...thanks to Will for this name B (Bostelman) F (Freeland) G (Goodrow)...taken PRE-flu outbreak)

Ethan, Emily, and Everett were diagnosed with Influenza Type A on Tuesday of last week. The moment their diagnosis was confirmed, we sent Elena out of the house. She has been living with her Grandparents for a week now and is symptom free! It is a good thing we sent her right away (at the Doctors insistence) b/c since that day we have been cleaning throw up, doing every song and dance to get the medicine down the kids (I even sang "A Spoon Full of Sugar" while whirling and twirling through the Candy Cane Forest...two movie references here), doing make that 7 loads of laundry a day, and praying Elena would stay healthy. Oh, did I mention that Daddy had been out of town all that week? I should be exhausted and cranky. However, I've got friends nearby that have made food drop offs, medicine drop offs (thanks girls) and a ton of family offers to help out. So instead of tired, I'm very grateful!
After a trip to the doctor and the hospital on Saturday we learned that:
Ethan has the flu, pneumonia, and an ear infection
Emily has the flu, severe bronchitis, and an ear infection
Everett has the flu and an ear infection
and a Partridge in a Pear tree!

Elena has NOTHING! Thank you Dr. Miller for your quick action to remove her, thank you Dr. McKean for the quick meds to protect her, and thank you grandparents for keeping her for so long! She thinks she is on vacation even though Nana continues to do homeschool with her.

Today the kids are doing better. The fevers are gone, the smiles are back, and the sibling bickering is right back where it was two weeks ago. Of course, there is a few hugs and sweet gestures here and there to keep a mother's heart happy.

It has been surprisingly nice to be stuck at home. Our home is decorated all festive, the fireplace stays lit and warm, and the advent wreath is lit every meal (the kids are WAY excited about the fourth candle being lit yesterday...I have to admit that I was, too!) The flu forced a slow down and I think it came at just the right time.

I hope you all have a chance to slow down and really enjoy the joy that the birth of Jesus brings! Merry Christmas!!!!

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