Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Clinic Visit: No hospital for now!! Wa-hoo!

Aunt Jenn helps watch all the E's during Elena's CF appointment.  They were all such good kids!

I'm always saying that the "common cold" can hospitalize Elena, and a couple of times it has. Today was almost another one of those times, but we are very fortunate that her CF doctor is letting us try to treat her at home first as we try and attack this virus she has and the effects it has taken on her lungs.
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Elena went in for her regularly scheduled CF visit today with Dr. McKean. We knew she was struggling with a virus she was exposed to, however we were unsure of the effects it was having on her lungs. Today we learned that she was wheezing and her lung function dropped 40% from her previous visit. This is NEVER a good thing. The doctor felt that going to the hospital was best, but wanted to try a treatment first.   After a breathing treatment in the office, her function came up 15%. Since she was responding to treatment, we have been given a chance to help her at home. 
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We have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks assuming Elena continues to do well with her treatments; otherwise we will go in sooner.  Considering Elena's past response to treatments; I know she will do well! For every day of her life we are so very grateful! God is good!
Thumbs up for getting to be treated at home instead of the hospital!

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