Sunday, July 15, 2012

Self-less CF Heroes

I learned this week from a fellow CF parent that three different children (ages 5, 10, and 12) passed away from Cystic Fibrosis last Thursday. Three different children, all not even teenagers, lives were cut short because of this awful illness.

Thank you Josh Mogren (CF adult and friend) for your beautiful words and your perspective... "When anyone passes away from CF—especially children— it's a heartbreaking reminder of what this disease can do. When we hear about these losses we must take a moment to hold them in our hearts, send love and support to their families and know that these individuals NEVER GAVE UP. They gave it everything they had to live. The greatest respect we can show them is to work that much harder taking care of ourselves and try to experience everything we want to in our lives. Moms and Dads of CF kids: Hold your children tight for a minute and then let them loose to conquer the challenges of life. After all, we work this hard to LIVE. Best of all, every day we live...we prove the doubters wrong and tell CF to stick it where the sun don't shine. Peaceful thoughts to the children who left this world today. I'll work that much harder for you."

I am amazed at how self-less these families are, this CF Adult Josh Mogren is, CF patients are, my CF friends are, our CF Dr and his team are, and my own daughter, Elena is. 

Oh Elena...even when things are tough for her she is still thinking and talking of others.  Today her tummy hurts really bad thanks to who knows what CF is throwing her way today.  She lays quietly on the couch and asks about others.  She talked of the excitement of her Daddy getting the new job we prayed for.  She said she hoped PaPa's hip surgery went well next week.  She voiced concern about her cousin that was lost in utero last week.  She thought of the next playtime she would have with her cousin, Will.  Elena busied herself teaching her siblings something about Japanese culture to entertain them so they wouldn't fight over a toy they were unwilling to share at that moment.  While laying there uncomfortable and in pain, she never ONCE talked about her discomfort.  She filled her mind with the thoughts of others...just like so many others who live with CF.  I'm mighty proud to be her Mommy and man oh man do I love her!  Today, I'm squeezing her EXTRA and loving her EXTRA as CF once again reminds me that life is short and everyday with each of my children is a rare and special gift.

Today I ask you to pray for the CF families that lost their loved ones last week.  In fact, pray for all those who lost loved ones or got scary/sad news about loved ones last week, this year...or EVER since loss of a loved one is always in our hearts.  They need our prayers. Take this moment to be like our many CF heroes out there and be self-less...think of other's needs and concerns and pray for them.

Then, go squeeze your family and think of all the joy God has placed in your life because chances are surrounded by a lot of wonderful gifts.

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