Monday, December 10, 2012

Update on the two extreme E's

Here is the update:
Everett (the youngest E)
After meeting with Dr. Miller today, Everett was diagnosed with bronchitis and a viral infection. He is on an antibiotic for the infection. He is doing breathing treatments 3x a day (with his big sister) and it was suggested that he does chest pt. Ev is also taking Mucinex to help clear out all the guck. His iron was low, so we are back to giving him iron supplements once a day. This will be a regular thing now. 
Elena (the eldest E)
Dr. McKean called me tonight and said that Elena's throat culture came back with "stenotrophomonas". Learn about it here:
He prescribed her to a new antibiotic since the one she is currently on should not help with what she has. McKean was surprised to learn that she was doing better on the "wrong" antibiotic. He wants to wait and see her a week from tomorrow as to give the new antibiotic time to heal her. So, we will not be going in on Weds for an appointment. Meanwhile, she has not had anymore runny nose or cough episodes.
We will let you know how they do!

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