Friday, November 22, 2013

Oh it comes...

Yup, here it comes...that time of year when everyone gets.....sick!  This year we are hoping for a low key, germ free holiday.  It's possible, right?

So far we have had some runny noses that were easily mended.  Thank you Jesus (both hands in the air and using our TV Church know the one).

Elena has been different with sickness.  She seems to handle sickness so much better with each year. As she gets older she knows not to stick her fingers in her eyeballs after she grabs the shopping cart at the grocery store (her siblings are slowly...very slowly mastering this one).  She knows to wash her hands often (I think our household has this one DOWN!!). She recognizes when someone doesn't look well and she keeps a safe distance or politely removes herself from the area (something many adults don't ever master).  She KNOWS how to protect herself when other people are unaware of what their "little sniffle" could do to her.

Our family and friends GET IT!  We had grandparents steer clear of a popular family time gathering because they were worried about what their "little sniffle" might do to the kids, but specifically Elena. This is not the first time we have missed time with friends or family because we have had to make a tough call to avoid the chance that Elena might get some germ that hospitalizes her. It seems so extreme to many, but a daily and very real concern for us.  We are so thankful for each time someone gives us the run down on their family's health before we arrange to get together.

So, in the spirit of thankfulness...THANK YOU to our friends and family that work as hard as us at trying to keep Elena as healthy as she can be!  In turn, we are all keeping each other's a win-win:)

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