Thursday, May 29, 2014

No News, but in the News!

Elena will have a follow up with Dr. McKean in a week.  We will then decide the next game plan.  If she has no change, decrease of, or only slight increase of lung function then we will be going to the hospital for a bit.  If she has a big jump in lung function, we will continue the current medicinal arsenal schedule to maintain and improve.
Until the next appointment, we are staying busy and doing summer fun stuff like playing in the pool, the sprinkler, the pool, the pool.

However, Elena took some time away from water and enjoyed a visit to Channel 2 Action News Weather to shadow David Chandley!  PaPa and Nana bid on a tour at the Wine and Roses auction and won it!  Elena enjoyed learning the in and outs of what it means to be a meteorologist.  She came home wanting to add that to her list of things to try for.

She practiced delivering the weather "teaser" commercial in less than 4 seconds. Nailed it!
 She sat behind the desk and read from the teleprompter. Nailed it again!

 She visited the make-up room. Loved it!
 She watched David work his magic with the green screen. Totally wanted to do this...see the look of nearly jumping out there with him?
 She learned how to read the weather maps and zoom in on areas of the map.
 I think she would have delivered the news live if they let her. No, I don't think...I know!

Thanks Nana, PaPa, and Mr. Chandley for this extra special and educational day!

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