Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Up next: bronchoscopy

We will have the bronchoscopy Friday and then follow up with McKean on July 1st.

Meanwhile, we are testing for a new belt color in karate, enjoying snow cones,

music practice
 family cleaning
 building lego creations (this one is called Harry Potter and the 7 other dudes)
 getting haircuts (Thanks Jessica!)

and playing in the rain

 The dentist is on the to do list this week, too!  How do you make a dentist visit fun?  Maybe a dental scavenger hunt! Hmm, I'm off to figure that out.  Surely some other mom has figured this out already and I will find it on pinterest. :)

We like to keep things busy around here.  It helps to keep our minds off the crazy medical stuff that could consume us if we let it.  Sometimes it does (and it has this past week), but thank goodness for 4 sweet little faces that keep us laughing in this house!

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