Sunday, October 26, 2014

New York NEW YORK!!!

Elena had the great joy of traveling to NEW YORK CITY with her Nana and PaPa.  (Thank you again and again and then a whole lot more for taking her on this amazing trip Mom and Dad.)
Elena was able to enjoy all the things that New York brings including trying her first latte and riding in a plane for the second time...but first that she can remember. 
 She rode in a carriage around the city with her favorite tour guide, my cousin Brandon.
 Who took her on her first subway ride...and...
 of course took her to Grand Central Station and showed her a fun trick of whispering to each other on opposite sides of the station.
 View from hotel!
 Outside the building of Jimmy Fallon! She ALMOST saw Jimmy, but he was out of town for the week.  She was bummed BUT she DID get on the set of...
 The Colbert Report! On the set and sitting at the desk of Stephen Colbert!
 Times Square

 Top of the Empire State Building.
 The Statue of Liberty.
 The Bull on Wall Street.
 The Twin Towers Memorial.
 Wicked on Broadway!
 The Museum of Natural want gum gum.

Radio City Music Hall and a tour WITH a Rockette!

Amazing trip for an amazing young lady.

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