Thursday, February 12, 2015 hear that? Nope, me neither.

To say we are excited about Elena's new vest is an understatement! 

Today, we got the call that Elena was approved for the new AFFLO Vest and they were delivering it TODAY. 

1. We were unsure about how effective this vest would be considering it is battery operated. 

2. There was much apprehension about a new vest when we already had one that seems to work great. 

3. PLUS, the cost is like buying a car.

We were won over once Michael from Carmichael's in Monroe arrived. 

1. This vest does not compare to the Hill-Rom vest.  AFFLO is a whole new category of it's own.  It has programed settings that vary the compression intensity and location.  Think like a massage chair.

2.  The vest we have is 6 years old and technology changes.  WOW did it change.  You can not even hear the AFFLO Vest.  Her old vest is so loud that no one can hear anything when Elena does her treatment.  All the kids were around listening to the new vest and Ethan said, "So you are doing it right now?  Whoaaaaaaa."  Keep in mind that all 3 of her siblings have sat in her lap and jiggled themselves to sleep as babies while she did her treatments.  They only know the loud familiar noise of the Hill-Rom vest.  Also the SIZE!  Old vest = giant dinosaur   New vest = sleek sports car

3.  Michael heard from the CF community (thanks Eyana:):)) about the many things Elena does for the CF community.  They also heard that Elena was saving up her own money to buy an AFFLO vest.  The AFFLO manufacturing company and Michael's company worked together to help with the cost.  I HAD to hug Michael after this news.  Those who know me, know I'm a hugger!

Elena is SO in love with her new vest.  She has already done 4 treatments today and she has only had the vest for 4 hours....she only has to do 2 treatments a day. :)  She said that when Michael showed her the remote and explained that she could walk around and do her treatments...she cried a little.  We ALL cried a little today!

Here are a couple of videos to show you how her vest works AND to see how very very quiet it is!

We thought that Michael would enjoy watching Elena's new CF fundraising video since it involves beating her old vest with a plastic bat.  We all had a good laugh as we watched the video again. 

In case you missed it in the last post, here you go:

This new vest is life changing for Elena.  She can now do her treatments on the go.  She is no longer tethered to the couch. Since she spends up to 1 and sometimes 2 hours doing treatments, this is extremely exciting! However, the most exciting thing is that she is receiving the latest in chest therapy.

Hill Rom makes an excellent vest and we are happy we had it, but WOW...we are sold on AFFLO.

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