Saturday, November 7, 2015

Organ Donor: Be one

We have a friend that is fighting for her life right now as she awaits a new pair of lungs.  This family is so very dear to us.  Their support during our own family sadness has been huge.  Cystic Fibrosis is being very beastly.  Hope is plentiful among this family and her many friends.

Last night I let Elena know what was going on with our friend, Joy.  She said she knew that things were not well.  We talked about lung transplants and what it means to be an organ donor.  Elena asked, "Why wouldn't everyone be an organ donor?" Great question.  Many people just do not know they can be. Then she was quiet for a moment followed by her saying "No one would want my CF lungs."  I said, "No, but they could use other things like your eyes, your heart..." which she said, "I have pretty eyes and an awesome heart."  YES, yes she does.

Cystic Fibrosis, oh what a beast you are.  You have taken so many people on roller coaster rides that were not the fun kind.  You have robbed people of loved ones.  You make people fearful for their future.  You take precious time from people each day as they work hard to defeat you.

Nope. Not in my house and on my watch.  We will take this roller coaster ride, we will embrace each moment we are given, we will not allow fear of the unknown, and we will never stop fighting to defeat you for our daughter Elena and her many friends with Cystic Fibrosis.  Life is short.  There is NO time to waste being angry, sad, lost, mad, scared, disappointed, or confused.  We are so thankful for the people in our life that recognize this and share this mentality.

Get the word out!  Be an organ donor.  Elena is asking you on behalf of all those who may be in need of more tomorrows.

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