Sunday, March 20, 2016

Rosebuds Success with Smiles!

If only we could all look this happy when exercising, right?! Our Rosebuds raised $600 more dollars today to go towards our fundraising efforts to stomp out Cystic Fibrosis one mile at a time. Proud of our CF Superheroes!! 
Seriously, who smiles so big you can see their dimples while running? Apparently this Irish cutie!
Ev winning at life and this race for his age group! He cried when the mascot crossed the finish line before him. He didn't realize he still won... Competitive kid? Nah.
The big E's completed the one mile race with giant smiles as well!

Thank you to all the runners (Johnston family and friends) as well as our wonderful cheerers that bundled up to join our cause!  

What a wonderful day to raise money for a fabulous cause on this first day of Spring! 

Want to help our donation dollars grow? You can place a donation here:

Be sure to note that it is for Rosebuds. Thank you for your support, love, thoughts, donations, help, and friendship! Together we can fight for our friends and family with Cystic Fibrosis.

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