Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Hungry Pill

Elena started an appetite stimulant and WOW! She is hungry all the time! YEAH! Something is working! She has started drinking milk as well. She takes a half of the pill with breakfast and then the other half with lunch. She calls it her hungry pill. Still no weight gain, but at least she is eating more.

A funny story about CF...Elena was with a group of young girls at church the other night. She announced that she had CF. They asked what that meant, she said, "I'm not quite sure, but I have to take enzymes before I eat." Later she asked me, "What is Cf for?" translation "What does CF stand for?" I said, "Cystic Fibrosis". She replies, "Oh yeah! 65 Roses"


  1. Glad to hear the wonderful news about Elena! And I heard about the hail. My mom was out here visiting from GA...I joked that you guys had worse weather than we did for once because we have notoriously bad weather in MO!

  2. GO ELENA! Now if there was only a pill to make her eat her food faster so baby brother couldn't get to some of it before she finishes...

    ; )

  3. Way to Go, Elena. Keep eating!!I'm glad I could share with you how hail is made last night. Kiss your little brother for me.


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