Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Reports times TWO

Elena had her regular scheduled CF visit today. She had a gleaming report from Dr. McKean. Elena has had a cold the last few days and we had some concerns that it was moving into her chest. However, her lungs were ALL clear! Even better news is that Elena weighs.....drum roll....FORTY-FIVE POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!! This has been a goal of Elena's for some time now. She actually weighed 45.8 at the office, but she was wearing her shoes, so she decided she needed to round down the weight b/c shoes are heavy. Yes, those were HER words.

Another good report can be viewed in this clip below. Elena has decided that she wants to be a ballet teacher by day and a "weather girl" by night. Here is our local weather girl, Elena doing Snow coverage in the Eastern Suburbs of Atlanta. VERY cute.


  1. We think this is the best "Very cold weather video by a kid" that we've ever seen. We especially like the beer bottle eyes on the snowman! :D
    The Gowasacks

  2. I can't stop watching this and laughing! My kid is hilarious in this very cold weather video with a kid in it. Joel's favorite part is the making of the snow angel with her arms and legs and mouth going. SO funny.

  3. This video is sooo funny!!! Elena is too cute. It would have been a little funnier if she would have thrown that snowball at Joel. The next time we get up near Atlanta, Gerogia Loganville Arbor Cove we will have to give you guys a call.
    -Jason & Britney


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