Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cold that won't quite...or will it?

Elena was at a birthday party last weekend and was obviously uncomfortable. Daddy told her they needed to go home if she wasn't feeling well. Once they got in the Jeep, Elena screamed in pain the entire way home. She complained of her ears hurting. Visiting the Dr. revealed that Elena had a DOUBLE ear infection. Ouch.

There was still concern about her cough not getting the guck out of her lungs. However, she passed the PFT with flying colors. She was able to "blow out" all the candles on the computer test cake. That means that her lungs are still going strong.

She has started a new antibiotic and continues her longer breathing treatment routine in the morning and at night.

We feel we have so much to be thankful for as our daughter continues to de well despite her run of sickness this year.
Only two weekends away until Elena runs for the Rosebuds! She is so thrilled to feel like she is doing her part in finding a cure for her disease. Thank you to all who are supporting her with donations, prayers, and participation in the event!
March 20th! /rosebuds

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