Wednesday, May 12, 2010

45 Pounds = Six Flags

Elena had her CF appt today. She weighs 49 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you CHEESEBURGERS! All looks well with the exception of one spot in her lungs. We are going to treat this spot with extra meds and a little more chest therapy (the Vest)to get rid of the wheeze she is having. Also, she had a vomit night 2 nights ago, but seems to be fine. It was more than likely a CF complication from excess mucus in her tummy making her feel oozy.

SOOOO...on to the fun stuff!

Six Flags in Elena's Words

When did I go?
On Friday May 7th, 2010 Six Flags was only open for Homeschool kids. It was VERY hot. There was a water mister that cooled you off. (Mommy and Dr. McKean nicknamed this the Pseudomonis Maker). I went when I weighed 45 pounds.

Why did I go?
I went because I FINALLY weighed 45 pounds. I wanted to go on a roller coaster. I like the Willie Coyote roller coaster. I also went because Mommy drove me, Will, and Aunt Jennifer.

Who went with me?
I went with my Aunt Jennifer, Cousin Will, and Mommy. I wanted Mommy to with me because the next day it was Mother’s Day and I wanted that to be a big activity to do before Mother’s Day with my Mommy. I don’t really know what to say about Aunt Jennifer. Sometimes I like her to come because I like to ask her when I can come to her house to play Barbies. But mostly I like to be around her because she looks like my favorite princess Snow White. I wanted to go with Will because I love him and I would like to sit next to him on some rides. What did I do?
I rode lots of rides. I rode the Scream Machine. I kind of liked it, but I really didn’t like it when my butt popped up off the seat. I only like the little small hills. I did NOT like the Georgia Cyclone. I didn’t like it because it was really really really fast and bumpy. I like the Monster Mansion. I did not like the scary part where a big monster with red eyes was pointing at you. Aunt Jenn didn’t like it either. I also didn’t like where they blew out hot air when a monster ate chili. I like the Hansen antique cars and the bumper cars. I like the antique cars because I got to drive it and it was easy.

What did I eat?
I ate a hamburger and some fries. Aunt Jenn bought me a frozen strawberry lemonade. It was yummy! On the way home, we got a Gummy snack from Bass Pro Shop. We stopped at Wendys before that for a yummy dinner. When we dropped Will and Aunt Jenn off at Bass Pro Shop, I took a little nap.

My favorite things!
My favorite ride was the Willie Coyote small roller coaster and the log jamboree. The Willie Coyote was my favorite because I leaned to the side for a really long time. I like leaning to the side but I don’t like upside downs. I like the log jamboree because it was a wet ride. I liked the small hills. I like fast small hills, but not fast big hills. I like the Monster Mansion because there was a duck farmer that had a hose and water was coming out from it for real. He sprayed us!

Did I have fun?
YES! I had fun because there were lots of rides that were fast and really fun. I had fun because I was with my Mommy, my cousin, and my Aunt. I like riding rides with them. I sat next to Will in the Monster Mansion. THAT was fun. I rode alone with Will on the Willie Coyote and that was the MOST fun; just me and Will.

Silly Sayings
• “Have a Six Flags Day!” was EVERY employee’s favorite saying.
• Humming, “Dum dum dum dum du, dum-da-dum” while doing a silly dance
• Can I get an “oh yea!” Everyone answers before EVERY ride.
• “Why do I look scared in this picture when I was having fun?” as Elena looks at one of the ride pictures.

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