Friday, March 26, 2010

Rosebuds Race!

Here is Elena's team of cute! They raised over $9000 for Cystic Fibrosis research and helping needy CF families! Thanks for your help to make their team successful.
Here is part of committee for adult marathon team 65ROSES that came out to cheer on our little Rosebuds! These people have connections to CF and are AMAZING individuals that I am honored to know.
My friend Patti keeping me company at our sign in table.
The Grandpas with the Grandbabies....they love their job!
Our family after the race.
Ethan trained for the race, but when it came to race time, he refused to get out of Daddy's arms. SO cute!
Elena was VERY serious about her training, and very serious about her race. She had a giant smile on her face as she approached the finish line. THIS made Mommy so very proud!
Elena and her friend Cassidy show off their medals. A much deserved reward for these girls.

Way to go Rosebuds!

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  1. So adorable...I hope Caroline enjoys running too. I let her run a lap with me at the gym now and she loves it...such a good way to help keep those lungs healthy=) Congrats Elena!


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