Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What? Check again...and again..and again?

Elena gained SIX pounds since her last visit 3 months ago AND grew 4 inches!!!!! It was such a drastic change that the CF staff weighed her 3 more times! Hallelujah!
However, the not so great news is that her lung function has dropped down quite a bit. Dr. McKean felt that it was probably related to the cough that won't go away. We are starting her on antibiotics and increasing her nebulizer meds for the next two weeks.

We will go in for a follow up visit at that time to see if we need to get more aggressive in treatment by adding the super duper CF nebulizer antibiotic (TOBI) back into her routine. Elena was on an inhaled antibiotic in the hospital in December and then only one other time before that when she was a baby. She has been very fortunate that it has not become part of her regular care. Our pocket books are just as thankful ;)

For the next two weeks we are going to keep coming at this yucky cough until we can shake it for good!

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