Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of First Grade!

Today was Elena's first day of first grade. She was more than excited to start up homeschool again this year. I gave her the choice to start today or next Monday. She insisted we start today!
I have posted a video of Elena leaving for school. Also, there are a few pictures and a video of our super hero cape dance party that followed dinner. Always crazy fun around here!

Tomorrow Elena has her CF Dr. visit. We are excited to let Dr. McKean know that Elena now weighs 53 POUNDS!!!!!! Her weight has shot up a ton this summer. We are all so thrilled that weight has been less of a problem for Elena this year. Having the extra weight will help keep her lungs healthy. Strange? Yes, I know. But when the rest of her body is healthy, her lungs do not have to work so hard to fight off infections.

We are also anxious to see what else we can do for Elena's recent cold that won't leave. I will post after her appointment tomorrow night.

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