Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Follow up Appointment

Great news! Elena's lung function is back up to normal! She went from 70% back up to the mid to high 90s! There was no rattling noises in her chest, everything was clear. Her throat culture from two weeks ago came back postive for moraxella catarrhalis which causes ear infections and sinus infections. Dr. McKean was quite pleased that he guessed right and gave her the right antiobiotic to kick this BEFORE we even knew what we were dealing with....even before we knew that Elena was sick! THIS is why we go to McKean...he is just that awesome.

The great news reminds me why we go for regular check ups to the CF doctor. He catches things that we don't see until it is too far along. Next thing we know we are battling a nasty infection that takes months to reverse instead of the mere days that this was fixed. Joel and I are in tune with Elena's needs regarding life with Cystic Fibrosis, but there are just some things that only excellent doctors can figure out!

So thank you Dr. McKean for being the best!

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