Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So Happy and Blessed!

I'm always happy to see when there has been so much time to pass between postings on Elena's CF Updates. This means things have been too boring to post. Boring=Healthy! This is a blessing for sure!
The latest "boring" news is that Elena had her regular CF check up yesterday. She now weighs 65 pounds! She is 4 ft and 4 in. tall. Her blood sugar continues to be normal so there is no risk at diabetes (which is common with some CF patients). Best news of all, her lung function test results were higher than they have ever been! Take that Cystic Fibrosis!
Even BETTER news...Elena's newest baby brother, Everett does NOT have CF. However, he is a carrier. When we got the results (and cried and cried at the awesome news) Elena asked what a carrier was. We explained how CF was passed on in the most basic way we could and furthered it by telling her who all was a carrier in our family. She ended with the statement, "I sure hope I'm not a carrier." Hard not to smile at this thought, but we told her she was extra special b/c she was a DOUBLE carrier. This answer satisfied her.
So much to celebrate! Thank you all for the continued prayers. God is good!

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