Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Silly nilly

So thankful for Elena's good health this summer. She is doing great on pulmozyme. She eats well and is looking a little thin, but makes up for it in height as she is having a growth spurt (growing pain in her legs most nights). Her energy is thru the roof! She is constantly playing piano, making up dance routines, creating crafty crafts for herself and her siblings, doing science experiments, swimming, running, biking, playing outside as much as she can between the heat and the rain, and just being a fun and spirited 8 year old.

She is growing up at lightening speed before my very eyes! She is NOT listening to her daddy at all when he says, "Hey, cut that out and stop growing! You just can't be as tall as your mommy just yet!"

We start homeschool back up in a couple weeks. This year Elena is excited to share the school room with her brother, Ethan, who is starting preschool!

Even though life with cystic fibrosis can make us a little coo-coo for cocoa puffs, we are still filled with lots of joy... And a lot of silliness too.

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