Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rockstar Awesomeness continues

Dr. McKean is really a truly fabulous and amazing Man and Doctor. Besides the prayers and obvious hard work it takes from ALL of us to keep her healthy, I truly feel that McKean's aggressive treatments have kept her strong and it REALLY shows when she does her PFT's.

Today at her follow up visit we watched as her lung function continues to be super. Then we listened as her lungs sounded clear. Then we looked as her nasal polyp showed signs of shrinking with the affects of the meds McKean prescribed last month. AMAZING!

Last night Joel and I were talking about Elena's health. We wondered if her good health was a fluke and if other kids with CF her age were doing as well.

We fear her future for her. Her health is not predictable and can change in an instant. This can be frightening to think about, so we just DON'T think about it often. However, when we do it is a sad discusion.

I meantioned my thoughts to McKean. His answer, "TOBY (a newer med out since Elena's birth) has CHANGED CF." Yes, yes it has.

More new meds continue to change the outlook for Elena and her other friends with CF. The dollars that go into research REALLY are making a difference. I see it everyday when I look at Elena's growing body, when I place my head against her back to listen to her CLEAR lungs, when I watch her run and play with her siblings, when I see her catch a cold and throw it off quicker than the rest of us, when I begin to fear for her and I have her hug me and tell me what a great mom I am.

God is so good. He takes the bad and makes it good. Elena may have CF but the amazing stuff this child does is going to continue to rock my socks off...I just know it!

Her Rosebuds race is this weekend. I'm so very proud of her for having the idea of Rosebuds and "running" with it! It has been a success every year since it's creation three years ago. I can't wait to see what the dollar's raised is this year! I'll keep you posted.

There is still time to donate toward her team, click HERE. Thank you to ALL who have been so supportive of Elena!

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