Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everett's blog post update for himself and Elena.

So here's the update folks!
If I haven't said it enough...Dr. McKean and his staff are amazing! We bring a lot of noise and chaos into the office with each visit, but the kids really love coming and seeing everyone. My highlights were:
1. Everett showing Dr. McKean how they both had running shoes on (only the way a 15 mth old can communicate this, "a da a do a shhesh" while pointing to McKean's shoes then picking up his own foot and pointing to his own)
2. Ethan hugging McKean's back while McKean typed up Elena's health update on the computer
3. Emily not crying during her flu shot. All four kids and Mommy had their flu shot and Emily was the only one that didn't cry...Mommy was the loudest;) and
4. Elena demanding I NOT be present for her blood draw, but she was TOTALLY ok with her siblings being in the room :) I believe this was the first time EVER that Elena did not scream while she had her blood taken. Wa-hoo! Dr. McKean (who remembers how very difficult this task can be)joked that he was ready with ear plugs just in case, but no need!

Elena was there for her routine Cystic Fibrosis check up. She grew 4 inches and gained 2 pounds in the last 3 months! WOW! Her lungs sounded great and her lung function was up...wa-hoo!!! Everything looks and sounds great! We will wait to see what the sputum culture and blood tests reveal. I'll post those results when we get them. Meanwhile, we are feeling so very blessed for her continued great health! McKean suggested we start her on zinc to help fight off virus's and it seems to be working. Today, he said we should get the whole family on it. With the way it has been working for Elena, how can we not?

Everett met with McKean because he had two croup incidents in less than 2 months. Ev's pediatrician suggested we meet with Dr. McKean since he is an Ear, Nose, and Throat doc. In the mean time, Miller had us get an x-ray on Everett's throat and run a blood panel to search for any allergies he may have. Results reveal no common allergies and the xray shows he does have a narrowing in his throat as a result of croup. So, McKean has explained that 50% of kids with chronic croup or other breathing conditions, will out grow the issue by the age of 6. If Everett out grows being a "croupy kid" by age 6, then McKean will not categorize him as having asthma. However, he is going to treat him as if he does have asthma until then. We will keep some different meds in the house in case he has another breathing issue in the future so we can care for him at home.

I say this was a highly successful dr visit!  So, we have Elena doing great and Everett being cared for!!! All is looking good. Great doctors equals happy parents:)

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  1. Wow!!! 4 inches and 2 pounds?!?! That's s great!!!! Way to go Elena and Mama!


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