Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Love to see a long lull from last post b/c...

When I have not posted in a long time on Elena's update, I smile to myself!  This is great b/c in this case, no news is good news.  The entire house has fought off viruses, colds, and sickness for the last month and 1/2.  Elena continues to have mild issues but nothing NEAR what the rest of the household has dealt with, PRAISE GOD!  Usually Elena is the first to get something and the last to fight it off with a lot of meds, dr visits, and occasional hospital stop in between.  We are HAPPY to have it the other way around.  I would rather be sick ANYDAY over ANY of my kids. 

Elena has been doing her newest medicine, Pulmozyme, for a couple months now.  She is doing great with it!  This medicine targets one of the causes of the typical CF thick, sticky mucus - extracellular DNA - to help keep mucus thin and loose.  Giving this to her at night allows this great med to sit in her lungs overnight and work its magic.  We have also added zinc.  This has helped increase her resistance to viruses and we can say that it works! These are the little victories in our home that we celebrate.

Meanwhile, we have started planning for the Elena's Rosebuds race!!!  It will be on March 16th at Centennial Olympic Park.  We are going to be doing a couple of fundraisers (one is a Thirty One product party where 100% of commissions go to CF organizations!)  You can shop for that by clicking HERE and shopping between Nov 1-12th.  Also, we will be selling the super duper cute necklaces from Bashful Bliss.  They are only $15!  $7 of those dollars will goe towards Elena's team, Rosebuds!  Be on the look out for that fundraiser.  I'll post when we finalize that.  You can get your Christmas Shopping done AND help out our cause:)  It's a Win WIN!

Oh, and for the parents who want to run/walk/volunteer, you can join Joel and I at the 1/2 Marathon/Marathon on March 17th!  Wear your crazy green socks for St. Patrick's Day!  I'm sure there will be some green beer awaiting you at our finish line tent. ;)

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