Friday, February 22, 2013

Rainy day blues...with UPDATE

Usually, we love rainy days. It means a chance to lay on the couch in our jammies and do homeschool while snuggling. Today however, we are still in our jammies laying on the couch but this time nursing a fever.

Elena had a fever yesterday afternoon along with a headache and runny nose. She seemed fine all day and then all of a sudden she was crying and not feeling very well. The fever would not go down overnight with the help of medicine. Today we called the CF doctor. He suggested a stronger medicine to help get the fever down. It seems we have broken the fever and now we are enjoying lunch with our siblings while watching Phineas and Ferb on the iPad.

The doctor thinks we may be dealing with a virus. We are keeping a close eye on her to make sure it doesn't turn into something else. We know all too well how quickly things can change for Elena.

Sometimes I feel silly posting stuff like this. It may not seem or sound like a big deal. And usually it is not. However we have had so many times when it changes very quickly and turns into more serious stuff. Many of those times I post nothing. Then I wish I had the prayer support of my family and friends. Learning from my mistakes I am posting now :-)

Pray it's just a virus that passes quickly. As of right now it sure seems that way. Thank goodness!

and the UPDATE as of today 2/23/2013...its a virus.  Ethan got the fever and sickies within 12 hours of Elena.  Elena's fever is gone and everyone seems to be doing so much better!  Prayer for Elena has always been so amazing!  Answered prayers allowed us to bring Elena home with us from the hospital almost nine years ago!  Prayers (unanswered and answered) rock our little Goodrow Gang world!

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