Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rosebuds 2013

We are surrounded by Superheroes and sometimes don't even realize it!  Did you know that I have a house full of superheroes?  It's true!  Today, my family and friends (and many new friends) raised money for and awareness of Cystic Fibrosis all while having fun!!

In 2010 Elena had the idea to create the Rosebuds team so she could have a kids version of mommy's CF fundraiser running team (65ROSES).  Since then, these little Superheroes have raised $50,000!!!

AMAZING and very very SUPER!!!

I was so proud of Elena today.  She stood up and thanked everyone for coming out while also explaining how she had no idea that her little idea would become so successful.  Public speaking (and just talking a lot in general) is her thing!

Elena and Ethan did great with the race and obstacles.  Emily, Everett, Nana, and Papa enjoyed watching us run back and forth. 

Here are some pictures of the Amazing Race that our Rosebuds participated in today.

 The team!
 Our littlest Rosebud.
 Sidewalk chalk makes everyone happy!
 Sweet Emily!
 Bobby making sure everyone knows which direction to go.
 Elena does the same!
 Super Girls!
 The kids working on a card to thank our toy/prize sponsor.
 Momma with her amazing CF Super Girl!
 Super Beckmans help replenish our super powers often. :)  We love great friends.

 Ready set....go!
 We were off!
 Over the river (actually through it) and through the woods to obstacle number 1.
 This was by far the favored obstacle by all the kids.
 Parents...maybe not as much.
 Show me the mummy!
 There is the mummy!
 Blind fold plus directions of left and right ... funny stuff!
 Especially since left and right is still something we are working on with Ethan.

 We figured it out eventually. :)

 Last obstacle was this silly basket to basket giggling and parents grumbling about their backs...funny stuff.

 Bobby and Elena with their finishers ribbon!
Thanks Nana and Papa.
 The pretty girls:)

We did it!  Another successful Rosebuds race.  Thank you to all the friends, new friends, and family that supported us, got us to this day, and helped us make this day a success!! 

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