Sunday, June 2, 2013

Healthy, Happy, and on her way....

Since Elena was able to talk (at two in complete sentences) she has said that she wanted to be on TV.  Her desire and drive have not changed except that they have increased!  Now, she will let you know that she intends to be famous.  Her work with CF organizations are proof to her fulfilling her desires.  She takes on CF related projects and speeches and nails them every time.

On Thursday of last week she had lunch with Joy Pervis, the owner of the talent agency JPervis Talent.  Elena met Joy Pervis at the Wine and Roses Gala the night Elena was the guest speaker.  Elena made a silent bid on Joy's "Lunch with a talent Agent" package.  After hearing Elena speak, Joy decided that Elena would be visiting her agency regardless of winning the package!:) However, Elena's PaPa helped her win that package and she was counting down the days to meet with Joy again!

Joel, PaPa, Elena, and myself enjoyed a nice lunch at Figo with Joy.  It was full of plenty of conversation led by Joy and filled with Elena's enthusiasm.  Joel and I continue to be amazed her social skills and ease with any conversation with any person.  After lunch, we ventured back to Joy's office and got a tour of where she works her magic.  We met the staff, learned about people like Elena that are now in the movies, and then Elena did a short audition on camera for other staff to review.

The moment of real fun and excitement was when Elena was given a signed, framed photo of Blake Michael from Disney's "Dog with a Blog" show.  

She was about to talk with him on the phone to say thank you, but he was on set filming.  So we sent him a card instead.  She was hanging it on her wall within seconds of returning home.

The day ended with Joy suggesting we start marketing her so she can start having auditions.  She will start small with commercials and see how it can grow from there if she likes it.  Elena was unsure of what this meant.  So, once we were in the car on the way home she asked, "So, does this mean I can be an actress?  Did Joy say, 'Yes'?"

We shall see where this takes her.  Blake Michael told her to follow her dream.  Being famous and on TV is her dream.  I think this kid might do just that!

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