Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thank you CFLF for a Recreation Grant for Elena!

Elena won a grant to participate in an exercise/strength building program geared towards kids her age at Body Plex.  She submitted her request to an organization called Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation. They give people with CF grants to participate in classes/groups/events that will help improve their quality of life.  Elena was told that she MUST fill out the paperwork herself.  We are so happy for Elena that through hard work and dedication she earned her grant by writing the essay below.

My name is Elena. l'm nine years old. I have CF. Having CF is hard. I
have to say, the hardest thing about having CF is doing my vest and
nebulizer. My vest shakes to shake up the mucus in my lungs so it will
get loose and move out. My nebulizer is a breathing machine that helps
me get medicine in my lungs. This may sound like your normal just
taking a pill" but it actually takes a long time. I have to do it for 30
minutes every morning and night. This can really affect my schedule. lt
sometimes makes me go to bed late and makes us late for things in the
morning. I don't like that because we are always rushing to things and
then we are really tired the next morning.
Even though I don't like doing this stuff, I know it will help me be
healthier. Since I know this, I try to do my treatments really good
because I don't want to get sick and lay in my bed all day. I would
rather be outside playing with my siblings. I also wouldn't be able to go
to Summit Academy. That is a school for homeschooled kids. That is
where I do karate class, one of my favorite sports.
Because of what I am saying here, you can see that I like to exercise and
I DO. That is why I want to get the money so I can be in a weight
training class at my mother's gym that she goes to. I always ask her if
there are any classes that I can go to there. This is a really good chance
that I CAN be in one of their classes which can help me be healthier and
gain more weight (hopefully muscle weight). Even though I have to
take all this medicine and do all these treatments, I can still be kind of
like a normal kid. I can play with my other friends and read books at my
grade level and play with regular toys. Having CF is hard, but I get use
to taking all the medicine. This essay can tell you that I REALLY do want
to be in this weight training class.

Love Elena Goodrow

Wa-hoo Elena!!!! Now, let's go knock out Cystic Fibrosis...and some punching bags!
Elena in her first training class!
Knock out!
The boys really enjoyed watching her. Ethan kept saying "mom, she is doing great!"

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