Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pollen or Death Star?!?

It is all quite timely. Pollen is at an all time high as we have just started family viewing of Star Wars. 

Why is this relevant to Elena's CF? We thought she was managing the pollen just fine. She hasn't had any congestion or sneezing. The main complication was itchy eyes. No biggie. We can handle that. We had no idea that the silence of CF was once again doing its handy work and was about to strike. 

Elena had a follow up visit with her CF doctor yesterday. Her lung function dropped... Again! Not the desired affect after being on an antibiotic for two weeks. She should have bounced back. She also has swelling in her nasal passages. 

Pollen, nasty pollen must be the answer since her cultures were negative for any growth of the dirty words a CF patient doesn't like to hear : pseudomonas and BCepacia.

Game plan: steroids, breathing treatments, vest, more allergy Meds, double up on nasal sprays, continue training for the Rosebuds CF race that's coming up in less than 2 weeks, and practice with the light saber so we can take out that Death Star... I mean pollen.
We've got this.

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