Sunday, April 27, 2014

What a weekend!

This was a great weekend to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis!  Of course, every weekend is great for that.  However, this one was filled with two wonderful events!  First was Elena's team Rosebuds.

Elena started the Rosebuds five years ago.  We have met so many wonderful people and grown even closer to our already close friends!  We have adopted the CF Superhero theme for our little Rosebuds and this year we introduced capes!  It was such fun!

Our Super E's had their shoes all lined up and ready for the big event!
The kids ran 25 miles at their own pace in the months leading up to the big event.  Then on race day, they ran the final 1.2 to complete a marathon!  All the while, raising money for CF.  Pretty amazingly super for sure!
The Super E's were caped and ready!  Elena had her special 65ROSES baton from her friend Kevin McCarron!

Emily wanted to hang out with her dear friend Sue.  So she chose to exchange giggles and smiles with Sue over running.  Smart girl!
Everett took Emily's place.  He had been trying to run since he first woke up so he was happy to run for real with his Daddy!
Ethan wanted to run fast with his Mommy...that is, until he saw his friend Samuel!  Then he took off and I was left chasing after them trying to catch some photos.
 Elena led the race with the other Mascots.  She was so excited to get this honor!
 Here are some of our Superhero Super friends!
The kids finished their final lap by entering the Gwinnett Braves stadium and running around the field!  How cool is that?  Family and friends were cheering them on in the stands.
Just a sample of some of our Official marathoners!

 Elena and her fellow CF Superhero Brianna sold earrings they have been making.
 Elena's doctor and our excellent friend was able to make it for the race!
 The end result of the morning was lots of clinking of medals, much giggles, and loads of smiles!

At the end of the day, our CF Superhero Rosebuds had become marathoners AND raised their goal of $6500!  I hope they are proud! They should be.  I know Elena is!

Next event up: the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Wine and Roses Gala! It was a New York theme and it was amazing! I thought my parents couldn't top last years event and I think they took that as a challenge!

My parents and their committee members worked tirelessly for the past year to plan the fabuous event.  Their hard work really paid off!  The event made more than it ever has!  It topped their highest numbers which were reached last year (my parents were also chairs then).  They have raised over $320,000 in this event!  WHOA! Start Spreading THIS news!

Joel and I were greeters for the first part of the event.  I LOVE doing this.  You meet so many wonderful people and get to be the first to hug the necks of old friends!
 My gals and our dapper men!  So nice to have spent the evening surrounded by loads of support.  I'm sorry the Denton's had to leave after my godson fell at the playground and broke his elbow!  Poor kiddo.
My nephew is growing so fast!  He is taller than me and his feet are bigger than his Uncle Joel!  He shows so much support and loads of patience and maturity as he sits through these events each year.  Plus, he tolerates his crazy Aunt quite well.  That takes a lot of effort.  :)
My cousins Lindsey and Brandon were able to make the event along with my Aunt Beth and Uncle Gary!  Several family members were unable to attend because of health complications and rapidly filling up schedules, but we knew they were thinking of us!  We have such an amazing support system within our family, friends, and CF community.
Joel and I had a moment as we thought about Elena's Guardian Angels.  What a different story CF tells now than it did 10 years ago when Elena was born.  The "Bid for a Cure" speech was done by the parents of Sutton Grace.  Sutton was my inspiration at Mile 2 at the 65ROSES Half marathon I did last month.  Sutton's Daddy spoke of her first year of life.  Every word he spoke has been said or felt by us.  We (and our family and friends that surrounded us) re-lived that experience with every word Sutton's Daddy shared.  Pretty sure there were very few dry eyes...very few if any.
The dance floor opened up and I enjoyed goofing off with my dad and fabulous Co-chair of the event...
 then moved onto being crazy with my crazy friends who get me faults and all and yet still love me...
 even when I act like this on the dance floor...they still love me.
yup, they still love me!   
My nephew can see where I get some of this silly crazy behavior...hmmm, could be my MOM!
Dr. McKean was all ready for a party!  He was dancing most of the night!  He loves his rock and roll.
Joel took the opportunity to shake it with his MIL.  My mom is always a good sport and up for fun.
I even got the opportunity to dance with my friend Colin!  His parents are also on the committee and Colin has CF.  He's happy and pleased to be Elena's Cy-bro.

 Nothing says New York more than a kick-line!
 My parents were beaming.  They knew the success before the dollar count was even tabulated.  So proud of them and their extremely hard work they have put forth for this event.  Not sure my kids know how lucky they are to have such fabulous and FUN grandparents!
 Meanwhile, back at home, the kids were being watched by our neighbors and friends Andrew and Emma.  To give you an idea of how it went...when the kids woke up in the morning, they were VERY disappointed that it was just their boring parents and no Andrew and Emma to be found.
I apologize in advance for the love fest, but these CF events bring out the mush in me...
To my husband, my kids, my parents, my extended family, my friends, and my CF community; I can not thank you enough for the amazing support you provide to my family, the Goodrow Gang. We are forever grateful for all the kind words, prayers, well wishes, hugs, shared tears, CF event participation, and the loads of time you dedicate to us.  We love you all!

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