Friday, August 15, 2014

Always educating about CF!

Our little "Wish for Wendy" Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser ambassador speaking to her softball team at their office in Buckhead. Go team Balentine!
 She was armed with her Bulletproof Coffee and a  note card with questions to ask herself so she would stay on cue.
 She really loves to speak to a crowd.
 She prefers a few hundred, but 25 will do, too.  Especially when they are friends to the CF community!  She met the CEO Mr. Balentine and gave him her business card!!  She made the room cry and laugh; sometimes at the same time!
She made a call on her "retro" phone to tell family about her new connections made.  Her goal is to meet Jimmy Fallon when she is in New York.  She met TWO people that have a connection.  :):)  One that wants her 10 year old son to be Elena's boyfriend. AND the entire office which was so friendly and supportive.  It was wonderful to look around the table and see our CF family grow.
 We enjoyed a post speech breakfast at our favorite place, Waffle House!

Thank you Team Balentine for welcoming us into your work place and treating us like family.  We are SO excited to help your team succeed in many ways!  Let's "Catch a Cure for CF" together!

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  1. Elena - thanks for coming to Balentine and sharing your story! You did such a great job - we may need to have you come back and give us some pointers on how to speak to a crowd! Amy


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