Sunday, February 9, 2014

Annie Jr.

This was the big weekend!  Elena played "Duffy" in the musical Annie Jr
She has been rehearsing, practicing, singing, prepping, and smiling for 2 months and the time is here!

This last week was tech week where they practiced in full costume and went through the whole show.  I had the fun honor of being the photographer for the tech week run through.  I had SO much fun watching everyone's hard work come together.
Elena had her first Preview show on Thursday night.  Ethan came to watch the second half and brought her flowers after he met Crash who played Sandy. 
Saturday she had two shows.  Grama and Grampa came for her first show and then Nana, Papa, and Dr. McKean came for her night show.
Grama and Grampa

Nana and PaPa

Elena's awesome CF doctor, Dr. McKean, came out to support her show.  She ran to give him a hug.  Having him there was a highlight for her!  I was reminded that the last time he was at St. Oliver Plunkett was for the funeral of our friend and fellow CFer, Kathy Marder.  Elena and I attended the funeral along with family, friends, and their excellent doctor, Dr. McKean.  Elena was just a little thing then and when she saw Dr. McKean, she went sprinting down the aisle toward him and jumped into his arms.  It was hard for everyone there not to cry at this sweet moment.  The relationship you share with your CF doctor is a special one.

Sunday she had a huge crowd!  Me, Daddy, Ethan, Emily, Everett, Nana, PaPa, Aunt Jenn, Will, Aunt Cindy, Uncle Thad, Allison, Brandon, Lindsey, Becky, Jason, Bobby, and Leslie.  So much love and support for every show! More wanted to join us but sickness kept several families at home.

 Elena became fast friends with Isabella who played Annie.
The kids took the opportunity to be in a picture with Crash who played Sandy.

Elena did an excellent job.  It was the most fun to watch her giant smile and see how much she truly enjoys performing.  She is a shining star and we can not wait to see where she goes!  Cystic Fibrosis will NOT hold back this firecracker!

Here are a few pictures from the show.
 Elena with her orphan friend.
 Elena on stage performing "Maybe" scene.

 "It's a hard knock life" Elena's, Everett's, Emily's, and Ethan's favorite song.

"Easy Street" one of my favorite scenes and songs...but picking a true favorite is very hard!
 The full cast shot.  A great group!  Below is the director, Miss Hannigan: Beth Mappes with her son playing Rooster and a fellow Rosebud supporter and CF Superhero playing Lily St. Regis!

This was so much fun!  I cried when it was over just like when I was a little kid watching it in the theater for the first time! Elena is ready for another show!  
I must admit, I would love to be on stage with her next time!!!

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