Sunday, February 16, 2014

Party for a Purpose

What is a party for a purpose?  It is a party that is hosted by someone that is working towards raising money and awareness for a cause.  We host them, we attend them, and we support them every year.  They are usually for Cystic Fibrosis but the type of party varies.  It seems that it is different every year, actually!

There will be a Party at my house that my sweet friend Becky and I are hosting on February 23, 2014 from 2-4.  You can shop on-line to join our cause!  We are asking people to shop with Stella and Dot at this link: We will use the hostess credits to get items for the silent auction at the Wine and Roses Gala that are guaranteed to bring in some dollars to go towards research that is providing medicine that has benefited Elena already!.  Won't you join us?  The stuff is pretty and it is for a great cause:):)  Thank you to Aimee McDonald, a fellow UGA grad, for being our Stella and Dot consultant!

This past weekend Elena, Emily, and myself helped my parents with their "Party for a Purpose".  Their party was a wine party 

and their purpose was to collect wine and wine related items for the silent auction at the "Wine and Roses Gala" event for Cystic Fibrosis on April 26th, 2014 in Atlanta.  If I can divert for a second and say a HUGE thank you to our friend and fellow UGA grad, Jennifer Vetter, for volunteering her time and talent to create this beautiful logo for the event.
Back to the party; there were 40 people that attended and brought several wonderful items.  However, it was the atmosphere that I love.

Everyone there is happy to be there,

excited to help,

loving talking with Elena,

smiling at being entertained by Emily,

and showing endless support of helping with our cause.

We made some new friends.
Elena with Randy Waters from 11Alive.  
We reconnected with some long time friends.
Joyce Pulver, our realtor and friend since I (Julie) was 2 years old...she is like family!
It was a fabulous evening that I am so thankful my parents asked us to be a part of.  I continue to be amazed at my parent's endless energy that they put forth every year with fundraising, volunteering, and co-chairing for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Wine and Roses Gala.  

Thank you so much Nana and PaPa!

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  1. Love your recap, Julie! Made me feel like I was there - which I wish I could have been, if not for traveling! LOVE the Keating wine bottle! Sounds like a fantastically wonderful party with a purpose! Thank YOU for all you and your family do for the CF community! See you soon!


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