Saturday, February 22, 2014

Trails and Vertical Miles for Rosebuds

The four E's are logging miles for their big  1.2 mile finish on April 26th at 9am in the Atlanta kids marathon. This week has been so beautiful that we were able to log 4 miles!!! 2 on trails and 2 vertically (Thanks Stone Mountain for making logging miles more fun!!)
All 4 E's actually ran faster and never complained while we ran trails. Of course, we made loads of discoveries in nature as we moved along the trail. The kids found birds nests, fallen trees from the ice storm, moss ( which Elena quickly informed us which way was north based on the directionality of moss on's facing the north), bird songs, bugs, and 
A turkey vulture which we interrupted during a meal!
What makes a Rosebud CF superhero run faster? A haircut! Everett visited the barber and was not happy when his name was called. He said, "No Sit. No cut me hair." After some screaming, a sucker pop, an iPhone movie from the stylists own phone, and a seat on moms lap the hair cut was complete. Was he faster?
Um.... YES! Once again, Everett boogied his way up Stone Mountain by himself with his siblings in tow.  He went out of his way to climb the biggest rocks at every chance he could.
Our kids at the top with daddy feeling major accomplished!
The boys played with their hiking sticks after our refuel snack.
The girls preferred to refuel some more with Gatorade.
Then we were off to complete the final mile.
We pretty much were on repeat with words like, "Slow down. Don't jump from there. Hold someone's hand. Quit poking your sister with your walking stick. Wait up please." Just to name a few.
Once we were done, we took time to admire the train tracks. 
I'm amazed at what kids can do when you ask them to. These Rosebud CF Superheroes might just change the world if you don't watch out!

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