Saturday, April 18, 2015

One week!

One week until Rosebuds race day!  We are getting closer to changing lives of those with Cystic Fibrosis and their families "one mile at a time". 
Elena enjoyed being totally in charge of her Rosebuds table. She sold 9 pairs of her homemade earrings of which profits go towards her CF fundraising efforts at a local race yesterday.

Elena is so brave, strong, inspiring, and energizing!
I am a proud parent as I see how Elena lives her life selflessly. She is being an excellent example for her 3 younger siblings of how to give of themselves to help others using their talents. As if Elena does not do enough for others, she is now taking on a new project to help others. She is working on her plan so I will wait until she finishes it to share with all of you. Let's just say, she is a Superhero for many reasons.
My greatest reward as a mom is seeing my kids show so much love and understanding to others. They are doing good in this world and changing lives not because they feel they have to or because Mom made them, but because they WANT to. 
We will be a part of finding a cure for CF so this big girl can continue to be the awesome big sister that she is.
Join our cause:
Our next race is April 25th in Lawrenceville at the Gwinnett Braves Stadium for ages 14 and younger. Distance is 1.2 miles and the cost is only $5!

Join us in "beating CF one mile at a time."

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