Friday, April 24, 2015

Raining...I mean Running..we HOPE!

The Rosebuds CF Superheroes will be raining...I mean running this weekend! (Please don't rain). 

 11 years ago at this time we held our little gray baby that we thought was slowly slipping away from us because of Cystic Fibrosis. She had already undergone 3 surgeries and was having severe complications. Her kidneys were shutting down, a lung collapsed, her breathing was labored, her intestines were still blocked, and we were numb because if we were not, we would have been unable to stop tears.
Here we are 11 years later and her lung function is up higher than it has been in over 2 years!!!!! Donated dollars get us closer to cure for CF. Please consider donating towards our family goal; helping us be a kryptonite to CF! We are $415 away from our $1000 goal! Thank you friends and family for being there in your words, hugs, thoughts, and donations. I'm continuously humbled by the support that comes in ALL sorts of ways.

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